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SFoL 45: Return of the Blue Dragon III - Day 2 - An Interesting Awakening


this doesn’t seem like joking to me

only possibly due to this tho


Wait lol their converter is irreplaceable


What a meme


Oh my god


“We don’t allow day 1 lynches because it can really mess up the Blue Dragon’s chances of winning!”

;> Allows Prince to exe the irreplaceable converter n1




So we just have to weed out 2 killers

I’m not a killer because I knew I was prevented / occupied n1 by Bazinga
Bazinga isn’t a killer because he occupied me
We know SoulShade isn’t a killer, he’s the king

Can anyone else prove they aren’t a killer?


what. you want me to just straight up cancel the game?


You really aren’t acting like your usual self this game Marl.


i can prove with my day ability XD


im going to head off for the night its 4 43 am


Due to Complications with the game.

I have decided to reroll it.


There will be a minior change to Kidnapper though before




Fuck me sam dying was a complication


And to clarify.

Negotiator’s death means that the Youngest Blue Dragon becomes the Negotiator


I was the insurgent


turned negotiator


no the fact that he doesn’t have “The Negotiator is replaced always” anywhere in the op / rolecards is a complication


Also the entire you were prevented from your target fiasco ruined some game integrity