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SFoL 45: Return of the Blue Dragon III - Day 2 - An Interesting Awakening


Only cause I thought I was scum tho


wow i’ve been lied to by the moderator :pensive:


either way bazinga isn’t starting scum because he occupied me

unless someone cc’s the occupation / prevention on geyde

Meaning there should be exactly 1 starting Blue Dragon left


@Margaret was your kidnapper claim fake? We might be able to gamesolve everything except the NK today


Baz feels genuine


I confirm Baz’s occupy if nobody else ccs it


Nah even without the occupy I’d townread this



i don’t get it

did you mean unseen or are you just stating the obvious


are you not unseen maximus?


Max did you not get the memo this game


Maximus are you neutral?


i am unseen

i’m just asking if you meant something by that or if you just stated the obvious for no fucking reason


What I’m saying is

If the Kidnapper REALLY did kill Sam
We should be mass claiming to try to PoE the last remaining Blue Dragon before they can convert someone else to a loss.


So we are waiting for Margaret to confirm if the kidnapper claims legit or not or doing mass claims now since the negotiator is dead


we wait until someone claims kidnapper who jailed and executed sam

If nobody claims kidnapper, we can assume that the convert last night was successful.

NO ONE explicitly state “I am not the kidnapper”


Ok just making sure marl


didn’t marg literally just claim kidnapper


if she’s meme-ing and town she’s going to cause us to lose
she needs to confirm if she was joking or not


pretty sure she wasn’t joking lol