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SFoL 45: Return of the Blue Dragon III - Day 2 - An Interesting Awakening


Well now that I lost all interest in lynching King


If you are infact a corrupt king, you must make heed to ensure that the yoloexecuting Kidnapper doesn’t become this despicable Prince


bats eyelashes
pls make me king

is the pocketing working


your pocketing only makes me want to do the opposite

And I hate it since it makes me doubt myself


you agree with the vote but you dont see a reason to vote


/vote Techwolves
found our insurgent

how tf does tech always roll scum


I’m gonna point out I called out Soul… During confirmation phase.
I would be comfortable with a vote on them later down the line.


I just want to see how soulshade plays a bit here XD and sorry i didnt mean to make it sound like im restricting myself there i can be confusing when i try extra hard


wtf marl


Your killing me

Stop pocketting


Like Marl

Come on, you sheep my vote, your start a vote against my n2 execute target and you keep making me doubt myself



but i’m blue drago-


uh ok?


Am i the only one confused here


So basically

Me and Marl synchronised brain cells and are hyperdiscussing scumreads


Gonna be honest thought I was scum cause I was unseen


Thought it was weird I wasn’t invited to scumchat


Where the hell do I read the insurgent class cards I thought this was a vanilla game


Never mind found it… so we basically won huh


pretty sure they get replaced


oddly quick thought process?


Marl stop liking my posts I occupied you