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SFoL 45: Return of the Blue Dragon III - Day 2 - An Interesting Awakening


Sam of all people


Sorry i was confusing there i was talking about margrets vote on that part clearing that up


So I’m just going to uhh claim Kidnapper and say I killed Sam ok


I’m not worried about outting since it only benefits me


Can kidnapper even kill n1?


Any competent scum would realize who jailed Sam n1 and had the luck to execute them n1


/vote Soulshade



And I regret nothing


hi marl




Who do you think is Insurgent, trying to win this by D4




well uhh

I thought that too

Until I saw he was King


So now thats why my vote is on him lol


Idk soulshades playstyle as king so im not going to vote on him



I dont like how Marl is thinking the same thing as me



Very suspicious

Am I being pocketed


Damn, marl always makes me doubt my luck


No i agree with the king vote i just dont see a reason to vote them


you dont know anyone’s playstyle as anything so if you’re going to follow that restriction
you can’t vote
or post for that matter