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SFoL 45: Return of the Blue Dragon III - Day 2 - An Interesting Awakening


Vote count

Voted Voters Number Of Votes
Solic MaximusPrimuwu 1/8

And yes, I will pick a random volcald cover everyday and see if I could do anything about it.


pug gave me more feedback than he should have lmao


i was specifically prevented on geyde last night so


uwu who dis


/vote Soulshade


Soooo max care to explain the immidete vote?


Thou King has returned from his slumber.


D2 king vote



cause i can lol?

your extreme suspicion is astounding



Voting isn’t scummy, the intent behind it is.

I don’t think max random voting is scummy.


Too bad its not random


I just feel there is no reason to keep you


You’ve seen my previous games i lacked that before and i find the vote as you get on sus XD could have talked first before voting king i get just not a random vote


Wasn’t directing that at you.


Do what you feel free, voting a king early is scummy or in this case smells like BD.


Well, that was unexpected. I’m gonna presume NK killed Sam. But is it possible that flip was tampered with?




If poss game it is possess changes the persons class flip right?



Sam magically dies n1


i don’t understand this post i think

but solic isn’t king lmfao