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SFoL 45: Return of the Blue Dragon III - Day 2 - An Interesting Awakening


Who reads player lists?


I was legit serious


Also, hasn’t Unseen won this mode both times? If so then surely an Alchemist would side with Unseen.


Are you drunk?


You cannot roll drunk! (haha get it)


Wait so if a alcholic gets converted they solve there drinking problems and Learn to moderately drink


Wait so Marshal works like normal Sheriff are we on the same page or am I stupid


THe unseen converted classes work like the regular bd, and the regular bd are changed to have new abilities


Wait Kidnapper can get converted oh god


you want in?


Waiting on @MaximusPrime and @Geyde to confirm


Maxi has confirmed through discord.

Waiting on Geyde



Night 1 has started.

@Geyde please confirm through your classcard

It will end at 2019-01-26T02:58:00Z



Posting :wink:


As everyone woke up for Day 2. They saw 2 sudden deaths.

Sam17z was found dead this morning.

He was The Negotiator

The Negotiator :crossed_swords: :shield:

Blue Dragon Special
Undercover Rebel (Passive) - You will appear to be a Servant to investigators for the first three nights.
Busy (Passive) - Immune to occupation and redirection.
Avenge (Day) - You will turn into the Insurgent when you use this ability. Target Blue Dragon player will become the new Negotiator. - 1 use (shared) - Cannot use when any Blue Dragon Killers are living
Call to Arms! (Day) - Call the Blue Dragon to arms, empowering them tonight. The Blue Dragon will receive a message when this is activated. The individual effects can be found on each class card. - Infinite Uses, 2 day cooldown.
Persuade (Night) - Persuade someone to join the Blue Dragon. - Infinite uses, 1 day cooldown.
Defeat the Unseen and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

PoisonedSquid was also found dead this morning

She was The Aristocrat

The Aristocrat

Unseen Social
Royal Blood (Passive) - Votes to become king count as two for you.
Pull Rank (Day) - Your vote will count as two today. This will not be announced publicly or affect the number of votes required to reach majority. - 3 uses
Order (Night) - Negate the votes of a target player the next day. They can’t accuse anyone or vote tomorrow. The target still counts towards the voting majority. - Infinite uses
Bounty (Night) - If target player is executed tomorrow and is Unseen then there will be an additional trial and execution. Only one Bounty may take effect per day. You cannot target King. - 2 uses
Your objective is to defeat the Blue Dragon, and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

These are her logbooks:

PoisonedAristocrat aka first time I got to be Unseen in this gamemode! Whoop!
Night 1:Order Frost

Day 2 has now begun and will end at 2019-01-29T04:00:00Z

if there is no lynch of course.

You may now talk


/vote Solic


No comment on Sam’s death?


Woah that was not expected


Also max why are you voting solic?


See now thats a good reaction