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SFoL 45: Return of the Blue Dragon III - Day 2 - An Interesting Awakening


Uh, sure



Kind of think Hja is town.

I have an urge to townread this comment. I’ll probably never see something like it again.



Come find the scummiest comment you can find on this thread please.


Howdy, am I a sheep?


I still haven’t received my rolecard :V


Your role card is insurgent


Thanks Negotiator


I mean I am with merc in scumchat


Could you add me to it since I’m replacing in?


Sure if @Pug allows me


Only if I can help it




P! lz don’t kill me


I’m not even a sheep I’m a fuccin Goat


Don’t ignore me Alice. :eyes:


You took my class? How do you like it


You chose the evil win condition right: the one that sides with bd right?


@Sam17z you’re not being at all serious, right?
Soul cannot be Alche


I got my classcard

tyvm Merc