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SFoL 45.5: RotBD III - Cancelled


Math is wrong and didn’t read the classcards.


Cheers, I missed the actions tab. Sad to see I’m still not a protection priority. :confused: Even after I find NK again day 2.


Thanks FK.

you probably should’ve told me since I could’ve modkilled the slot if you showed me shit.


that’s how MafiaM works.

You don’t have a n0 target.

n1 you specify first target.
then n2 you get results after that.


also @techwolves I wouldn’t have openclaimed Pretender.

A certain Enforcer wanted to CS you till you’re dead.


Mod kill would have been worse then replacing our, then the slots still had a chance


How did you find out Soul was town? :thinking:


He was complaining about people asking for a essays on reads D1 and how he gets mislynched for not having reads in the MAL server. Didn’t take me long to put 2 and 2 together



Don’t talk about ongoing games please.


He wasn’t talking about on going games

It was just like max and squid where they talk about it in general


Soul is in only one game however. Fairly sure that what Max and Squid did, also lead to cans/modkills. I stand by what I said.


Never talked about ongoing games and never will


My N1 action was Jail 3…

Turns out I was 3 so Pug just jailed Baz lmao.


he was the real number 3 tho.

i just usually put king at the top of the playerlist for easy access


I guess since Marl’s gone.

If he doesnt get back before we decide on a merge.
I guess Ill take his place as the queue checker.


I did that once which led to a reroll

I was also in multiple games at that time and was less specific

Why does it feel like you have a hate-on for me sometimes?


I just referenced the two people who Firekitten mentioned. Nothing more, nothing less.


well i dont know the strats for pretender :confused: and that enforcer is a jerk since i am 0 threat i was playing unseen


i even had myself proven so he shouldnt be csing a confirmed pretender whos siding unseen


fail i am not used to return of the bd but yah ment to put unseen