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SFoL 45.5: RotBD III - Cancelled


Anyways squid saved herself N1


In my ToL experiences if there isn’t a dissenting opinion then scum is usually on the wagon


By the way I replaced out also cause I knew soul was town due to out of game stuff


Damn we got PKR too. Pretty sure this was a lock Unseen win


Probably, on d4 the lynch would be solic or blue most likely.


Told you i was legit xc


How where my logs wrong fyi and why where people asking me for day actions


You pushed math when you saw he wasn’t the N1 convert nor negotiator from his confirmed debbs


Didn’t know what you thought he was


Also your n1 MM was bad as parity requires two players to check
You specified one


What happened?


NGL I got pretty freaked when I saw I was the sole BD member when I subbed in.


Exactly the time, I would fake a red check coincedantally. :wink:


Oh man, he was Soldier. I’m playing too town as scum.


Fairly sure that if Blue called himself the Nesage, I would also jump on it. Kudos for finding me in whatever way.


Spreadsheet of actions? @Pug


Maybe you should check the actual card before calling something fake. :eyes:


After that, I would try to go with Scorned that has won by the way.



Then how come pug didnt say anything and gave me those exact results