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SFoL 45.5: RotBD III - Cancelled


Wait fire if pkrs converted hed be the solider remember so somone occing means he tried to kill unseen but got hit by something that can stop him negiator cant avenge if he has a killer


Nvm :confused: … ok fire might be right reading through classes and soliders the sellsword version of fol and the bd ss


I really want to kill someone tonight. My steel is getting really cold


Doesnt merc occupy/prevent visits so gusrding astand would make no sense.


Pkrs claim makes no sense if they guarded n1


in sith voice: Do it !


I may can this game.

Sorry everyone. It’s canned


Why am I canning this game?

Due to complications between the community. Yup. that’s really it.


I will host RotBD again once the complete retheme is out


Post spread sheet!





Ugh man i was close to a win as pretender


but yes. frostwolf was real NK


Knew Solic was sus,


he was only converted N2


If I was going to cs any non neut it would have been Solic / blue; Solic I thought he was sus and blue because he wasn’t confirmed


@firekitten so my theory that everyone thought Soul was scum so he was Town was correct in the end right?


Meh kinda surprised Soul was town. Like what? lol

We had scum pinned anyway.


Kinda but that usually isn’t the case