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SFoL 45.5: RotBD III - Cancelled


For clarity the above post was also posted in the rework thread due to mobile issues. Apologies.


Math are you in the fol discord


So tonights actions sam cses blue i kill fire math debs whoever kidnapper kidnaps pkr?


All conversations about this game should take place in this game thread.

To answer your question yes but irrelevant and kinda busy


It has nothing to do with the game besides this game might be canned


I occupy Bazinga and PKR is kidnapped


This is bigger and can’t be talked about here


Ok i missed that part but at least i got half of it right


Until such an announced time that the game is canned I shall act as if it is not.


Then don’t bring it up here.


Who are we going after if soul/blue arent the negaitor


The host and everyone in this game would agree that it’s important to look at discord rn


We figure that out tomorrow if soul isn’t the negotiator which I doubt


I will cs someone on my free will depending on soul’s flip


Sam you know what to do


Then the host can make that announcement. I am busy with other things than mafia on discord right now


But I like checks and balances. Anyways can we discuss how Ryan knows he was occed with limited feedback?


Checks and balances. KILL THE CHECK SAM


Side note yikes just saw some of pugs msgs thats bad


Oh I don’t know, maybe it was a mod error. But I feel like we should leave them to die since it’s a neutral claim