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SFoL 45.5: RotBD III - Cancelled


Who do you think occupied you?


No clue. But it doesn’t make sense to me… What can occupy a Merc?


What about those reads?


You aren’t shown if you were occupied unless you were an investigative. Someone ask that in the class card to fact check what I said



Merc is occupy immune



Personally I don’t believe you would do that to bait out an unseen who did it


Also I don’t think there’s anyone who can actually do that.


It’s best to always let PKR die here tbh.


Tinfoil territory:

PKR is NK who got occupied by a Sellsword explaining the missing nightkill if Frost was Fool.

Then we’d have Pretender, Sellsword and Fool.


So he’s scum. Who should be jailed. Good


Oh, it’s called Soldier here for whatever reason.


Again, why would I be saying I can prove myself by standing guard tonight if I can’t?
That makes no sense why I’d try something so drastic today


Again, that’s what I thought but I was occupied.
I even re-asked and I was told there were no mistakes (Although I shouldn’t have known I was occ’d)


Reads PKR. You got any of those?


Tbh, I haven’t made any.
But, we have a confirmed Poacher and right now we know there’s a chance we hit NK (Or Fool) D2 so at worst right now we’re against 3 BD, 1x (Whatever can occupy Merc) and a NK.
Which means we have sorta got the worst possible setup, presuming Astand is Unseen

If someone votes Astand, I could always just kill that person for proof. Or i can stand guard for proof. Either work.


Even if Ryan was occupied he wouldn’t receive the feedback. Kidnapper should Jail him to prevent heals to him. Confirmed scum


So pkr fool?

Im fucking sorry?


I still wanna be exed though so pretender can stab fk and make him cry


I’m not lying, I’ll be proven if people allow me to be
I can prevent visits to my contract or murderise someone who votes them.
Stop trying Sam to get me imprisoned

I also explained how Pug told me that he shouldn’t have told me but my result wasn’t wrong.
It didn’t change anything


Look PKR here’s the situation:

You’ve lied and/or backed out of when you’ll die due to bleed. If you’re supposedly gonna die tonight and bleed tonight that is infinitely more valuable for you to die. If not that’s one less thing to trust you on.

If this is the case then if your target is town you win with our plan as you will die in two nights not one if Bazinga is town. The fact you are arguing against it is mighty suspicious.