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SFoL 45.5: RotBD III - Cancelled


Log and how willing are you to rebound specific players? :thinking:


Lemme check things.


Were you given them as a contract?


We should let pkr bleed out imo


@astand if you want to clear the pkr / you scum team don’t heal him


What did blue claim?


I mean I didn’t claim directly, I softed.

But Sage, mesir.


Tempted to cs blue


Anyone have any objections?


@PokemonKidRyan you might be like the only reason why I wouldn’t cs someone claiming not neut


@astand heal someone important please.


I can prove myself tonight if y’all don’t mind me standing guard?
But I’d request a heal

N1 I did nothing
N2 I tried to SG but was occupied. I claimed SPd to try and bait out if it was a Unseen who occupied me… Turns out it probably wasn’t?


Why did you decide to not guard on night 1, a quite pivotal night for a player like Marl?


Also you didn’t call say anything when we were suspecting Frost of Fool when we had an outed “Devil” and Pretender. You’d be the 4th neut breaking that limit.


A “Mercenary” wouldn’t be told they were occupied anyways… :eyes:


Wtf how would you know you were occupied





PKR is insurgent


Gg folks


No, I was occupied. I can only say what my result is.