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SFoL 45.5: RotBD III - Cancelled


Okay then you heal Wazza and I’ll decide to guard meteor or you


It doesn’t

You asked me who is most likely scum convert
I answered.

If Sam kills tech that can be dealt with at that point in time


Im guessing im safe if souls not negiator


You probably are no matter what

If scum kill a neutral over a townie they’re being really silly anyway lolz


A better cs target is someone whos sus not neut :confused:




And how do my logs make no sense exactly??


Your joke isn’t one as proven
Your MM has Marl on it despite the fact a parity check takes two people
You claimed a class that doesn’t exist
You don’t assert why you checked who you did
You never had reads
You pushed me when I pushed you

Boom done


What thats exactly how handmaiden works in fm


You don’t get a random target


Which neutral are you, I feel like you are the devil who wants mislynches


Fucking hell ask the host on how handmaiden works its different Tol.


scumreading a compatible person is nice isn’t it


When did i scum read a compat person?


I stated that Astand and solic where town reads

Now you’re just trying to find more reasons to death tunnel me




Contract Marl-slot. (Astand)


Did you guard N1?


If you guarded N1, you are confirmed.