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SFoL 45.5: RotBD III - Cancelled


I wasn’t defending scum
I was saying there’s this tinfoil that tech should check on to confirm you as still drunk and let’s lynch someone who isn’t math rn

I wasn’t defending him


You literally derailed my soul attack with spam

So yeah that’s defending scum

That’s what you get if you’re town.

I was when I asked Solic if he would do that as scum but Pish posh


It wasn’t spam, it was a tinfoil which you kept denying. It wasn’t derailing I was telling tech to do something.


Something antitown

This is not productive.

We move on.

@Soulshade55r Do you claim neutral?




I still question why astand wants to kill a neut whos being helpful and already proven


wait math, do you think Sam is a convert?


Your logs make no sense

Others were wondering if you’re a neut.

Your answer resolves that lol


It was a possibility albeit a very slight one.

I would love a check on him but should be random in case wrong


It soul is negotiator then Sam is confirmed if he kills tech.


… why me im the most helpful neut :frowning:


I feel so bad tbh


Math do you not think this is the best choice for unseen?


@Soulshade55r come back and claim neutral like a
Man there’s no escaping this


@Firekitten you guarding Wazza tonight, correct?


depends are you healing meteor?


I think Baz or PKR are due to the whole bleeding fiasco and PKR not claiming


That has nothing to do with killing tech


Maybe. Depends on Soul flip.