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SFoL 45.5: RotBD III - Cancelled


Do you know pug’s timezone?
If he gets online within 3 hours I’ll ask


Wait while i dont trust soul i just went through cards handmaiden and maid dont have royal check that was changed in fol




He’s scum he called math scum


Because N1 was Random, n2 because i was unsure about solic, happy? So much information


and checked math with solic apparently


I know thats why i said i dont trust


To be honest, I don’t think there is anything to guard from. He probs should CS tech so it would be proven Sam isn’t the convert.


He is 11 hours ahead of me, right now it is 5:25am for him. He is asleep.


You don’t actually say that if there’s a pretender, you are suppose to keep it yourself


… astand he claimed to remove my immunity id die


Why should we care?


I wont ask,I’ll be asleep


Cause im playing unseen here they are fine with me gettint king once fire dies…


Actually don’t kill tech,he is helpfull
#neuts in


Yep please kill Kittens tonight
And if he lives he guarded himself and is therefore EK

And if he dies I fully expect a “Math you suck you can’t read me rant” in his logs


Fk better not guard tonight so Tech can kill him and step up


can I just get a Sorry when I die


If town You can have a sorry I misread you but please don’t defend scum so hard?


Also say sorry when i die.