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SFoL 45.5: RotBD III - Cancelled


Hey tech wanna be king? Vote Soul and kill kittens
Thou hast my blessing


Wait doesnt youngest bd become negitoar when the current dies


Nope. It’s a day action for negotiator to force themselves insurgent and other class changes


Kill kitten tonight


@Soulshade55r despite your logs you claimed that math is scum, do you want to claim Scorned now or other neutral?


Could be your only way out.


Ok and sorry i was making sure if i remembered the card right /vote soul


As it should be my future highness.


Should I use my day ability?


Do you get the results right away


@Sam17z do it btw


I don’t know,but pug wont be online until nighttime for me…


Can you stay awake and just ask now


Stop giving outed mastermind ideas


Math forcing someone to claim scorned or neutral is the best way to actually out scum


I don’t know if we are thinking the same thing


We are if it involves last night


Better guard wazza


I think checks and balances is good for this form of government. I like the United States


Yeh you better or I’ll nom nom in your toes.