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SFoL 45.5: RotBD III - Cancelled


Oh okay


wait wtf how does anyone survive that


Have you ever heard a joke?

You’re fucking scum if you’re really taking that class name to heart.

Let pretender kill you tonight when i flip or i want the hardest wagon on you


There have been like 12 or so deaths
People stay inside and pray and heaters on max


Anyone else think Solic is scum besides me?


What’s the joke then?


I think it would be best to just gtfo of there tbh


Handmaiden mixed with negs name

Like maidstermind


Why would you do that


My god.


Woulda said it was a joke first time after being asked. Aka not a joke but a crumb
Which is why Kitten started doing anything besides talking soul


This is why we don’t joke in fm


You seriously are scum if that’s a main reason to push me


Agreed with everything but the second part


Why am I having the feeling that everyone thinks soul is scum which means that he isn’t scum?


It’s suicidal to not think he’s scum



Is Sam really the convert and PKR messed up? Holy shit. That’s just bad


You were asked multiple times, why did you visit the people you visited?


Sam is just usually like this tbh


Wait what is the converted knight form hold on