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[SFoL] 44: Hand of Byzantium - (7/16) - Game End - The Hand of Byzantium and the Vampiric Emperor won!


To be fair you never made a very convincing argument.


It was worth healing Priestess every night

Only to realize that Vampire boi nulled heals


Don’t worry, I was bitten in the nightchat with Geyde.


I guarded the NK night 1 and never changed my target btw.

(someone redirected me apparently but that’s irrelevant)

I was hoping marl would see that I didn’t guard him at all despite being proven but he’s ded irl


I do feel like Magistrate should be punished for killing Righteous Emperor like the butler do or at very least punish the game otherwise the Magistrate have no consequence of using it every game especially both are HoB-aligned.

Other than that rant, I do enjoy playing this theme

P.S I am Devout


I tried to not speak up to slowly kill and protect myself with scapegoat,and honestly,my only way of winning was with other neuts


It is embarrassing, but we tried to convert Isaac N1. It was mostly Marcus his idea though.

We were so excited to play scum as well here and it turned so badly. :smile:


This was also such a soulread that I almost suspected a Spy in the classlist.


From my first game with a cult, it took me 6 months to understand fully how cult alts worked :’^}


I know I didn’t do much towards the end, but I do have to admit. Getting three Killer/Offensives was pretty funny


I kind of screwed you over.

I just really need to signal you to not kill me