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[SFoL] 44: Hand of Byzantium - (7/16) - Game End - The Hand of Byzantium and the Vampiric Emperor won!


Reminder that I told you guys to vote meteoro yesterday too


I wasn’t letting that happen


Meteoro is on trial. You may decide his fate once he has made a defense.


If we would have voted Meteoro yesterday, he would have escaped for one day.


/death penalty @Alice


The Emperor has declared that by imperial decree Meteoro shall be put to death.

Meteoro was…

Meteoro's Flip

The Doppelgänger :shield:

Neutral Killer
Sadism (Passive) - You are immune to occupation, target changing, and have self-healing for the first two nights. You will gain an additional three nights of self-healing for every Hand of Byzantium-aligned player executed during the day.
Sociopathy (Day) - Adds two silent votes for an execution during the first three days during the trial phase. - Infinite uses
Scapegoat (Day) - If a player is voted to be executed in the day, including you, then they will swap their position with another chosen player. The Emperor cannot be the target and this ability is locked if there are 5 or less players remaining. - 1 use
Impersonate (Night) - Takes the form of one player and kills another one. Any investigative results a player will have on you will instead reflect on the player they impersonated. If the impersonated target has Royal Blood, then you shall also have Royal Blood for the next day. If you attack a player who is being followed, then the feedback will show the impersonated player being the visitor. The impersonated player will be framed for the night. - Infinite uses
Crushing Guilt (Night) - If a Hand of Byzantium-aligned player was executed the previous day, then you can select two players who’ve voted to execute and cause them to commit suicide by guilt, bypassing healing, night immunity, and not counting as visits. - Infinite uses
Your objective is to defeat the Hand of Byzantium, Unseen, Cult and any neutrals that dare stand in your way.

We found no logs on him.


The Hand of Byzantium and the Vampiric Emperor have won!




sad ending


What is a man?


A miserable pile of secrets


top 10 anime betrayals


Paper plate awards go!


Heya… I did something right here ^^


So like serious question was there a tone change or a change on how I was playing cuz honestly I didn’t recognize it?


There was no change in tone, to be completely honest.

We just called it as such


It was a sad betrayal, tbh. I wished so much I would have been real Crone.


I think you for future reference should actively use the day time to poke and prod people for reads.

You played a bit on the quiet side and I don’t think you should push using mechanics.


Well, normally I don’t play in the Forum at all, so that was all new to me. Thanks for feedback.


also sorry @H_Hjasik legitimately thought you were dopple