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[SFoL] 44: Hand of Byzantium - (7/16) - Game End - The Hand of Byzantium and the Vampiric Emperor won!


from day 1


why’d you vote geyde for emperor instead of the confirmed HoB…


because I trusted geyde


Because I was confirmed not convert

People cared about that for whatever reason


yea u could have been converted


yeah, before

i was confirmed during the day of the emperor election…


Actually no.

You could have been converted the night before.


I trusted him too. And then he took me into his nightchat, and I said I am Warden, and I had to claim Crone instead. I had to pretend a whole night to be a neutral scum siding NK o.O


Let’s just say I didn’t expect insubordination.


You win. I win.


your a girl right


dang geyde




I would have claimed neut in that night chat regardless of alignment to be completely fair.

People underestimate the power of fakeclaiming


Yes, my master. I wasn’t sure about you. But I am sure about Meteoro.


@PoisonedSquid vote Meteoro so I can end this


Yall suck.

/vote meteoro


no u. whats ur class?



I tried.


@Alice Meteoro is on trial now