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[SFoL] 44: Hand of Byzantium - (7/16) - Game End - The Hand of Byzantium and the Vampiric Emperor won!





All of these plus one more are infected


why did you tell us to vote baz?


Also Maxi for some reason


you make my life so fucking hard

in more ways than one :wink:

but seriously tho, now I’m useless


Because siding nk


Because Geyde thought I was real Crone, and wanted me to win.


Baz was unconfirmed


Neuts in :^)


I don’t trust geyde no more


I’m DFEing this


Geyde was great in this game.


So besides Geyde, there’s one non-Town left which is the Doppelganger


Exactly. And Geyde is no threat to us.


I wanna die


trusted geyde this whole game


"The filth have polluted this realm with their corruption. They ceaselessly sheep their proclaimed leaders with reckless abandon, never once noticing as the noose ties around their neck.

For this they have forced my hand.

Under my providence, the world shall bear witness to a new age of purity.

No more sheep. No more cults. No more for the Hand of Byzantine.



Now you know how I felt tonight, Isaac. Geyde trusted me too.


no you wouldn’t understand


My doctrine has failed us