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[SFoL] 44: Hand of Byzantium - (7/16) - Game End - The Hand of Byzantium and the Vampiric Emperor won!


priest your cult any thing to say?





Here, are my newbie logs. I didnt want to show them because I did nothing at two nights and I cannot confirm me really. I did not wanna screw up the investigatives, especially with such low cult numbers. A Warden is a Butler+Merc, and when I occupy a sus person, they cannot be checked. So I wasn’t sure if I should use it at all.

n1. Oh well, missed the timeline
n2. Incarcerate Bazinga
d3. Isolate Hja
n3. Geyde wants me to divest and removal on Hja, but I’m not sure on that. So missed again
d4. Isolate Hja
n4. Divest and Removal Meteoro

Whoever you are, cult or town, I need you now to vote up the Doppelgänger, or we all will lose against the powerful combination of Doppelgänger + Vampiric Emperor


that means that meteoro is doppel 100% tho




Isaac, Geyde told you that Merc was in our nightchat. But he wasnt.


geyde plz no


merc is a girl


hops off geyde’s back until I get a explanation


you concede?

/vote meteoro



I sort of knew they were fakeclaiming, but didn’t want to believe it


I can’t confirm neither Priestess nor Meteoro’s claims since I’ve been given incorrect feedback, but an explanation would be nice


wait geyde wtf?




I’m neut who has already won


yea I quit this game


I confirm, Geyde has already won.


/vote Meteoro

So be it.


damn geyde I trusted you so much


/vote meteoro