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[SFoL] 44: Hand of Byzantium - (7/16) - Game End - The Hand of Byzantium and the Vampiric Emperor won!


Wait Merc is dead


@Meteoro vote baz


@Margaret vote baz


@bazingaboy vote baz


/vote Baz


confirmed doppel game since no one visited merc last night


8 players are. max Isaac geyde marg squid baz meteoro. who am I missing?


frost probably


forst dead 2 days ago where u been


what a noob lolollollololo




oh im dumb priestess @Priestess vote baz


dang im a god at this game


Guys. Listen to me.

Listen to me now.

It does not matter if you believe my crone claim, my warden claim, or whatever.

I am here to speak the truth.

The truth and only the truth.

We are dealing with 0-1 cultists.

And with the doppelgänger.

I know who the doppelgänger is.

Isaac, Geyde lied to you. Geyde took in our nightchat only me and Meteoro. Merc wasn’t here.

Because we all are neutral.

Geyde claimed to be the Vampiric Emperor, and since I am „neutral“ and Rogue is already dead, so Meteoro is the fourth neut claim.

And Meteoro agreed, he is the Doppelgänger. Geyde wanted to side him. And Geyde has already won anyways, since he infected already enough players.

Geyde told him to use his crushing guilt on Hja and Merc. They want to give me the win.

But I am in fact true Warden, and I used my Divest and Removal on Meteoro, so we can up him. He will not be able to scapegoat himself out of this.

I dont need you to believe me that I am Warden, but believe me, I was there tonight and listened to everything. Meteoro is the Doppelgänger.


I checked you last night lmao


What did you see?


wtf are you doing


I saw you as CULT


/vote meteoro



/vote Meteoro