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[SFoL] 44: Hand of Byzantium - (7/16) - Game End - The Hand of Byzantium and the Vampiric Emperor won!


I might just ping Squid on discord


Show me Where I am uncooperative And How does that make me scum


Not allowed


Tbh We can just ping her here And tell her to write that in logs


I like that idea


@PoisonedSquid write down in your logs if you aren’t able to use Tarot Card tonight.



:hammer: @Alice


Ill get you quotes in a bit on mobile atm, but the two biggest thkngs that come to mind ae today woth isaac when it yook you foever to clakm and today with me when you wouldnt give ur reads


Stop talk because Twilight Phase


DatBird was executed. I’ll flip him once I get on my PC.


DatBird was accused of being behind the deceased Magistrate’s murder and he was immediately sent to the gallows.

DatBird was…

DatBird's flip

The Bard

Hand of Byzantium Support
Pure Wits (Day) - In the coming night you will be immune to being occupied at night and immune to target changing. - 3 uses
Crescendo (Night) - If your target is redirecting, occupying, or attacking, then they will bypass immunities during this night. - Infinite uses
Allegro (Night) - For this night, your target will be healed from bleeding and gain both occupation immunity and night immunity. - 1 uses
Defeat the Unseen or Cult and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

We found the following logs on him.

N1: Allegro Geyde
D2: Pure Wits
N2: Crescendo Isaac
N3: Crescendo Geyde

Night 4 has begun and it will end in 24 hours. Please send in your night actions by then.


As the fifth day dawns, two bodies were found on the steps of the great palace. Mercenary and H_Hjasik were both found dead this morning.

H_Hjasik was…

H_Hjasik's Flip

The Coroner

Hand of Byzantium Social
Grave Focus (Day) - In addition to the results from Exhume or Forensics, you will also learn the class of their target’s killer. If the killer is a Psychopathic or Tyrannous Emperor then it will show their previous classes instead. - 2 uses
Exhume (Night) - Selects a deceased player and you will learn of all effects the target received the night they died. - Infinite uses
Forensics (Night) - Selects a deceased player and you will learn of every player that visited them during the entire match. Can only be used on players that died the fourth night or later. - One use
Defeat the Unseen or Cult and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

We found no logs on him.

Mercenary was…

Mercenary's Flip

The Overseer

Hand of Byzantium Offensive
Overrule (Day) - Causes your first target to select their second target if they use any day abilities today. - 2 uses
Red Tape (Day) - The Emperor’s night actions will fail tonight. - 2 uses
Order of Relocation (Night) - Forces your first target’s night action to be redirected to your second target. - Infinite uses
Order of Exchange (Night) - Select two players and force them to target each other. - One use
Defeat the Unseen or Cult and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

We found the following logs on her.

N1 - Bazingaboy to Margaret
D2 - Red tape
N2 - Rogue to FrostWolf

The fifth day will begin right now and will end in 72 hours or until a player is executed.

Majority is 5.


/vote Bazingaboy

This is nk


/vote baz


everyone vote baz no questions


What did Max, Meteoro, and Priestess claim again? I’m sure Met claimed, and I like to hear it again for sure, but Max and Priestess would be nice to have claims from


also squid is 99% cult since priest and max I checked and they were ns


max could have been converted but every single check I got ns so squid is like 99.999999% cult


Boi, Cult’s already dead, and that doesn’t mean I can’t check someone for being NK


devout king