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[SFoL] 44: Hand of Byzantium - (7/16) - Game End - The Hand of Byzantium and the Vampiric Emperor won!




@Priestess execute this


Well as long as I dont die before the night’s end, I can keep my word to you.


No mercy for me, I guess.


@Meteoro execute this




@Geyde exe


I am waiting for Squid to answer that question

But yes I’ll hammer


Shouldnt alice have informed us that moderror happened if it really did tho



We could have asked them.


I don’t think that actually has feedback


I mean You should know How many uses of ability you have


Yall being very risky by all exeing


Youre not flipping town


I am though




If i was CL why would i try an help you by not letting your most important people vote so they dont get doppled killed


Youre doing it for towncred


What are your reads rn


Like im fine with dying but i dont want town going down as well


Easily town: Isaac(like cmon), Max(isaac checked him)
Townleans: geyde (a bit off this game, but i feel deep down theres town in there), merc (gut feeling)
Neut: Priestess (i beleive her claim)
Scum/nk lean: Meteoro (hasnt contributed anything, unlike town meteoro), you (uncooperative)
Null: squid (random moderror seems weird), marg(we both healed Geyde n1, its very interesting)