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SFoL 43 Infection II - (19/24) - Day 3 - Canned


That’s not how parity cop works lol


You were playing parity cop when comparing blue as if your checks were classic cop checks,


I thought NAO was Archduke d1 :^)



exactly how it work


Like I said, just because Blue and Marl were compatible doesn’t mean there isn’t scum in there >:(


Also y’all need to switch off christmas pfps


I mean its like the OTB in NFoL2 pitfall, you need a really solid read to push someone who has a greencheck


My pfp isn’t Christmas related :thinking:


I shaded him so much to build progression to an eventual vote, but then he got modconfirmed. :confused:

Let’s move on. :cry:


Referring to everyone else


/pats Solic pls dont deathtunnel yourself :^)


12 days of christmas is over as well

: (




Must Deathtunnel someone.


Alrighty I’ll switch to easter pfp then mate


Then again, I could switch my pfp to this


god tier


I had obvs best play here if you say that you disagree Its because you Hate Me And not because you think that I made a bad play




just cause you say something doesn’t make it true