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SFoL 43 Infection II - (19/24) - Day 3 - Canned


I saw it in scumchat. I wasn’t referring to just him. I don’t think he handled the pressure of actual suspicion well, but I mean who does, the first time around.


I’m not you were lol


Alice is coming back this week or next


You were defending Marl a lot, how wasn’t doing that scummy? :thinking:


did I mystify y’all thi


Remove Werewolf please. No consistent KPN is awful for scum faction.


I wasn’t mystified :^)


not really scummy
I relied on mechanics>reads

I won’t do it again I’ll tunnel an innocent child if I have to


I feel like my scum game just got nerfed 80%.



Other than obvious petering out as the game went on, how’d I do



you did stuff

I wasn’t really playing this game much after D1, my efforts were kind of defeated with conversion that I forgot so I pretty much gave up


Firekitten played annoyingly decent as always. :eyes:

His push on Celeste for the wrong reasons was so annoying for scum too. :smiley:


They were scum
It doesn’t matter what
They were scum


I mean you can always use scumreading to find starting scum, which are most important as they are making the conversions.


yeah but I focused mainly on finding town D1


Can someone rig the next game I’m in so I can finally roll Town? :^)


If I was scum I wouldve pushed on you for your checks

ChEcK NuLl ReAdS nOt ScUmReAdS


Except if it’s me :confused:


I pushed Firekitten a little, but then he was modconfirmed not infected…


Yeah sorry bout that lads