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SFoL 43 Infection II - (19/24) - Day 3 - Canned


also woot lunch actually was extended today : )


You did good son

@Lightsin I have a mind to indefinitely postpone a modrant on your play solely :^)


What’s ur modrant


There was? :thinking: You messed up Blue’s iceward covering Firekitten’s infection, which confirmed to Fk and Blue and us basically that Firekitten was infected at night and not potentially lying about it.


So I assume your gonna just exe me?

Lights message to prince in jail

Light was town


I think everyone thought that effect would be immediate given the classcards. :upside_down_face:


That was pretty much exactly why I axed them among a few other things. I wasn’t all in on the train.

: (


If you hadn’t messed up like you had, we could have even framed Firekitten for being crusadered instead of Timer potentially.

But Timer kind of threw in the towel too.


I feel like I played better as town here (mostly applying to d1) than other games.

Got that mindset down > : )


Im pretty A okay with Timer’s play, I think he did well.


You were more townie and I wasn’t hunting for Prince, but I didn’t catch you as Prince either. Only your annoyance at Light could have outed that you were Prince.


Admittedly he did do very well. I thought he was town when I got converted. Most caught scum here did give up though. There was no way for me to swap a read or try something if they just stopped posting anything that could even remotely look like town motivation.


Also disappointed order FK n1 failed


I’m not it’s the best play by far


Another game, another attempt. :smiling_imp:


Ordering you n1 is best play?


Cat, why were you scummy this game?


Astand also played quite solid. After he said this, I could feel he wouldn’t trust anyone pushing a Pretender lynch this day.


Marl told him to quit posting lest he get backread


Astand’s played very consistently in their town/neut games, I can’t wait to see what happens when he rolls scum