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SFoL 43 Infection II - (19/24) - Day 3 - Canned


Why did this game get canned? :thinking:
Also, let me guess, FK and Marl were scum, like I so predicted


No, only Marl was.


It got canned because 2 town got modconfirmed as town and Luxy probably didn’t want to maintain host responsibilities on his trip.


Why does nobody pay attention to my reads when they’re right? :^)


I just got converted, soooo. :stuck_out_tongue:


I mean you scumread some others as well Squid. :eyes:

Neither Fk nor Meteoro were scum either.


Yeah, but hey, getting one right is better than getting none right at all…

Seriously, Marl, your scumtell is obvious


If you would have gotten him hanged you probably would have lasted a lot longer.


What is Marl’s scumtell?


He doesn’t try as hard as scum. He mostly says crap and has no explanation behind it, but he repeatedly says it hoping that people will sheep him

Watch Your Mouth! Planters Win!

getting outed as infected through a moderror and having fk get bled as soon as i got on fucking sucked

still would’ve been mostly fine though since i never used my tar pot


have to completely agree with this… this was… an unadvisable play -_-


tbh i felt like it was possible to play off merc’s red check

also i kept getting the child claim wrong lmao


Your timing couldn’t be more off though. Also you had a redcheck on you, so that wasn’t really due to the host entirely.


yep I seemed scornedish as hell


There was no moderror with your out lol


My LOL was everyone thinking Datbirb was prince because he said he killed BD but he’d just been vanillarised

FYI was gonna make it so his step didnt count, i’d have made it work like butler, effect is immediate.


Getting into SvSes on d2 isnt fun.


I had figured Birb was possibly Duelist but he said his ability was disabled, which was singular, meaning I thought only Prince exe was disabled



Did I do good dad