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SFoL 43 Infection II - (19/24) - Day 3 - Canned


who would win
12 modconfirmed town or 1 evil kingly boi


nagito komaeda and sans undertale


wait was solic evil




n2 double convert with Celeste


I had you so much in my pocket. I loved it.


You had me perfectly D:


They were all Lab Assistants!!


Good thing I couldn’t innoc during king elections


Last thing @Marluxion actuary investigation going after the ability is used is true?


I wanted you to have an announced inoc, so scum could choose their convert better. This is the reason why I wanted to “WIFOM my quest, so that it doesn’t overlap”.


I was going to pretend I would very obviously WIFOM but actually innoculating who I said I was going to innoculate in the first place


I was going to protect Maxi from any attacks this night probably and cast more doubt on you or PKR Merc. Either would have claimed an attack on him probably. :smiling_imp:


me and solic


everyone else in the scum chat



If the 2f1 on me and blue didn’t fail and I beared n3, would I kill P0 even when he was jailed?


I would have scumread myself tbh if not by how lost I seemed
but I’m always lost so eh


You have been invited to Stewie’s 11th birthday party!!!

There will be Fortntie, Cleveland Brown and Nagito Komaeda and Sans Undertale.
It will take place at Castle Adiart, Loot Lake on the 19th january 2019!!!

pls come. it will be freaking epic




you pretty much die to bleed in that case
not directly


Let’s see how Valkyria and Scales are going now