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SFoL 43 Infection II - (19/24) - Day 3 - Canned


see, i can’t bus you if you’re still in the scum chat :^) i first have to remove your ability to consent


also dont take this out of context


that post isn’t helping


I will have to call 911 sooner or later, brb.


@Luxy who did Meteoro guard n2? Just curious who he thought was Prince.


You realize that literally everyone would want to hang you the next day if you didn’t CS?


Yes, I realise it.

But did I want an extra BD dead?

I am still not entirely sure on Marg.


You wouldn’t kill Marge if Marge was BD. Read your card.


Read you cards…


in real ToL and FoL he would :joy:



I guess I am really dumb and not really paying attention to anything.


Don’t say that. You were right about Marge not being scum.


national cursed image day


to this day i still haven’t read the entire plaguebearer card
i only knew i had an occupy from the in-thread discussion
and i didn’t know i was bleed immune



You know that.


See, if i read my card i can’t derpclear myself!


I need help


Notes down:
Marl doesn’t read class cards.


I think I might try to obnoxiously soft my class in another game and see if that works, because I hate how that cleared so many newbies here.


it’s like 12am and I’m here making horribly made peter komaedas