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SFoL 43 Infection II - (19/24) - Day 3 - Canned


He tried to convert Firekitten.


You protected firekitten from marl blue



Court Wizards aren’t totally useless after all!


I tried to convert FK


you go for the big dick converts early or you lose tbh


also shows how good blue is at appearing town


I’m only good at that cause my rage is 100% genuine

I’d rather have a better towntell than being pissy at people


Still sad I had like only 1 semi-protective on me night 1 and got triple checked (not quadruple Marl :wink: ) night 2 after finding the NK. I take credit for turning the lynch on Squid and not Insanity there.


Also astand big meanie for saying I make stuff up when this is all stuff I thought of before… in my head


@Marluxion what’s next in the SFoL queue?


Im bad at putting thoughts onto paper


I’d barriered Wazza because I actually thought they softed Patho D2.


I helped push on Squid :slight_smile:

“Better to get more claims going than to push on a Knight that will just die to CS tonight” ~ something like that.


Forreal though

What NK has a less than 1 KPN ratio?


I think even if we mislynched FK, scum would still have a tough time, with Timer and Max being outed scum, and me reviving Sam.


haha or so you’d think


i was ‘confirmed town’ by hjasik!


Ngl that hurt when you said that


Did Timer attempt to bleed today?


Also insanity no actioned the night he died