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SFoL 43 - Infected Chat


The face when Noble’s frame might be stronger than Evil king’s frame. :smile:


That feeling when Hjasik is exactly on the mark. :smiley: I don’t know why you claimed your visits truthfully, because if Marge drops and you have dropped. There is no way I’m escaping the lynch.


Same as patho


I mean same as pb


@maximusprime brew an occ potion


One occ and this plan falls apart


I can also guard or tailor whoever might be “attacked/checked”.


I forgot how fun it is play scum. Especially when you’re so confirmed as I am. :smile:

Let’s create some havoc and chaos. :smiling_imp:


My Guard doesn’t work against Happy hour. :confused:


My BD self will grant them another lynch today woops.


We can easily occupy the Crusader with Maxxes occupation and frame Firekitten for it by the way.


They are going to be so confused when tomorrow would dawn if this plan actually happens.


By the way Wazza is the Chronomancer in case you didn’t catch their softs.


If you want to signal me who is converted say “key” in the post you are signalling. Mention the number in number or word form (+2) from the playerlist skipping over who is dead and going back to the start after reaching the end of the playerlist.


  1. PoisonedSquid - Lynched D2 - [color=blue]The Elementalist
  2. Insanity - Killed N2 - The Knight
  3. BlueStorm
  4. Celeste
  5. Marluxion
  6. Firekitten
  7. MaximusPrime
  8. astand
  9. WazzaAzza
  10. Geyde
  11. PokemonKidRyan
  12. bazingaboy
  13. DatBird
  14. hjasik
  15. Lightsin - Killed N2 - The Physician
  16. TheTimerPlays
  17. NAOtheRitualist
  18. Sam17z - Killed N1 - The Mayor
  19. Isaac_Gonzalez Mercenary
  20. Solic
  21. kape
  22. Yaseen
  23. Pug
  24. Meteoro :crown: - Killed N2 - The Good Regent

Is that the key to the argument? It’s like ten fools all in one game. :roll_eyes:

This would indicate 10 + 2 = 12, starting from the top, skipping over Squid and Insanity, Hjasik.


@Solic once you become king remove yourself from this chat immediately. If you do not and one of your teammates post, marl will be modkilled.






You should ping them for that. I can only do it as fast as I see it. DO NOT POST. Until I am gone.


Ahhh how do I signal my own actions to you guys.


Don’t give nao the chance to kill you


I can make Kape bleed him, but anything else will be hard pressed to do with all these “infected outed”.

As soon as he’s gone I can freely use my abilities to help you though.


Just claim Observer forreal I think. If you claim anything else, it will look weird.