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SFoL 43 - Infected Chat


I was thinking of being a basic bitch pathologist


Maybe you need to show a reaction to PKR’s softs then.


Nice one. :wink:


You might potentially be killed by a CC though, so be careful. The kill ability might still work.


I think Merc might be scorned.




We’re bound to lose members along the way, it’s cool.


Any lynch not on the Plaguebearer is a lynch we can afford.


I’m going to “scumread” Firekitten slightly for outing his check that early and not trying to pull off any gambits.


Astand just made a delicious postgame quote.


It’s kind of a shame that Marge isn’t here to share logs, because her logs are going to look super suspicious if outed afterwards now. All the information has been made public.


PKR is someone that we could possibly get lynched after Max and Timer are dead.


Can you discuss what you want to out first Marl?


Firekitten was barriered, not ice warded by the way!!


I know, I’m aware. Town has to have one occupier, I’m going to use this to throw shade if they failed to do anything provable n1


Blue figured it out sadly.


I think Kape is softing Hunter, K/O that “doesn’t like to leave it’s room”, plus he reacted quite well to my rolefish.


Max, you better start looking for all infected classes that can frame someone.


I feel if we somehow ensure that Marl survives past Timer’s and Maxi’s dead that we can win this game handily, since Plaguebearer will be hidden among many “confirmed” again.


Ignorance (Night) - Make the target player look not suspicious to The Pathologist this night when investigated. [Infinite Uses] Evil Regent ability

Does this only counter Pathologist or all invest classes once again Luxy? By the way, you effectively will out me if you publicly announce this, so please only respond to questions in class card with regards to this.