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SFoL 43 - Infected Chat


@Luxy does it count if we do it here


Yeah its fine


You’re the first person to ever convert me Marl by the way, cheers. :wink:


you know what i always say

big risks or no balls


i tried to convert fk n1 and it failed, thank goodness it did too, now we have 5 members


Bazinga MVP


Baz is such an idiot lol.


The great thing is that you can convert again after I become king. Depending on how fast Time will die.


it’s on cooldown tonight so i can do it again tomorrow


I’m going for BlueStorm 100% of the time though.


If i get the ability to double up, I’m going for BlueStorm + Bazinga


Double up is ridiculously strong. It wouldn’t work on Bounty sadly. :confused:


Lol you literally converted me after I get like 3 invests on me? Was I really acting that nullish/scummy? :thinking:

I was a major part of finding a NK after all.


/Pull Rank

/Vote self for king





Please vote me for king. :slight_smile:


Marl, it’s only among dead candidates, I’m just doing a “reaction test” for that sweet town cred and distracting conversation. He’s surely Physician now.


I might push a little on you after I become king Marl. You “knew” Lightsin was town and you did push wildly on both Insanity and Squid who are both non-infected.

Do you want to SvS or not risk it because of your importance as plaguebearer?


We should keep Baz alive though. If you ever die, he’s an incredibely easy mislynch for empowering you out of the blue.


Cannot use day abilities during the vote for king


Have you made up a fakeclaim yet Marl? You’re our most important piece. It’s actually good if Timer dies, because it unconfirms a lot of people who can be new PB. Damn, it’s actually optimal for town to keep Timer alive but occupied and lynch him next. I’m not going to mention this plan though, as it’s too good for them.