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SFoL 43 - Infected Chat


oh yeah i forgot

he jokingly claimed child earlier tho


also fk got infected a bit ago


Timer quit posting in thread


Openwolfing only hurts your teammates, you’ve already screwed us enough


im never stop meming


They can use PoE based on your messages, I’m serious. You’re caught just quit posting


Someone can fake claim being infected as well by the way. :wink: I might do that later.



Do I get removed from this chat after I would possibly become the infected regent?


If so, we need some codewords to pass me whoever is newly converted or if you’d want me to use decide fate.


you would be removed yeah


Removed yes


Does this include the name of whoever is converted?


No the notification will be ‘The Infection Spreads’


Okay guys, if you ever want me to mash the decide fate execution key, say “keyboard”.


I agree with Marl. Please Timer, you’re clearing certain people like this only.


Poor innocent Wazza lol. I’m glad I switched away from his team.


any clever ways to pass on who was converted without being susp?


We can do something with death notes and a number (offset by 3) from the players that are alive. Something weird like this that is quite changing and wouldn’t be traced back in the number of datapoints given.


/vote solic for king



Do it in your classcard to be safe.