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SFoL 43 - Infected Chat


You’re the weakest link in our scum fence


everyone already scumreads him though


@margaret @solic mind giving us logs btw?


N1, followed Solic, visited FK, visited by Ysan or whatever his name is
N2: Window Peek Solic - Kingdom


can i commit seppuku in the case they decide to just jail me twice?


Nope, that’s not a thing


well that’s dumb


I knewwww you were plaguebearer aahhh. I’ll be back soon. I bountied datbird. We can use that perhaps to lynch him and prove me.


Datbird is the prince




“Convenient to claim that” but I can’t read now, only later.


fk will probably agree with us some how


I’ll step up. I’m quite confirmed. I ordered FK day 1 which was intercepted by Wazza. So at least that will show.


Try and make me king today.


@TheTimerPlays @MaximusPrime @Solic @Margaret make sure to infect someone today
everyone should try to do it at different times preferrably on people who aren’t acting at that time

Make sure to say here who you infect


someone needs to infect DatBird, other than that it doesn’t matter


firekitten is gertting infected later today

from poison potion


i can infect datbird rn?


/infect datbird

ok gn


i think we have to wait till after king is picked

also do we know a serious claim from isaac/merc