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SFoL 43 - Infected Chat


datbird soft claimed prince by the by


I think fire kitten has you fivured out tho


i still don’t even think he is maid tbh


he isn’t

he was convert immune n1 i believe


anyone want to be memed into a town read?



Me me me /s.


time you really fucked up here

like getting bled at night IS NOT NATURAL

also i’m an ALCHEMIST i can HEAL YOU


claim neutral

it’s your only hope


also, if you read the classcards, you would know that you were prpobably bled from a crusader and that you shouldn’t claim bleeding


yeah i fucked up real bad


claim neut or act the fool

claiming neut prob gives you higher chance as i don’t think acting the fool will help here


if we lose cause of u(we lose healing power since i probably get promoted) then i’m going to be so mad


i guess you can claim cleric


i will if im on trial but i think they might just jail me till i die


also just convert pug if he becomes phys cause a new slot will open


@solic @Margaret welcome to the team


I hate you really sometimes

Here I am, tunneling Solic & FK, and out of spiteful miracle you convert Solic

and me


@Luxy did you tell blue and kape about Timers infection? If so, you mod errored very badly.


No moderrors have been made thanks Dad /pat


no timer said so himself first thing during the day


@TheTimerPlays I’m bussing you so I can get another convert