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SFoL 43 - Infected Chat


btw i’m brewing a tar pot so i can occ if i don’t die


You can also occupy blue and marl can occupy the crusader if that is still their plan. Other way around would heal blue. It depends on final plan posted.

Marl what are you going to do once Celeste flips?? You “checked” her after all and once you drop, they are quick to catch on to me possibly :confused:

Simultaneously, they realise that the convert cycle skips a day.


ngl i stopped reading thread after 2 town got modconfirmed
so i dont even know what their plan is


Solic, you have been made The Infected Regent please leave the chat


Bye guys, good luck to us! Marl, you have to be one to decide if it’s canned or not, because if you’re not playing to full extent, we’re not going to win. With you we have still a decent shot!

Let’s show these suckers how it’s done! :smiley:



Marl do you wanna play


no not really but i’ll be an adult and put up with it


anyone you guys want me to infect?


No, if you infect you can’t brew


you pretty much have to brew an occ pot


oh yeah true

/brew occ pot


Who should I infect. Otherwise, I go for astand


Astand is a fine infect



I shouldn’t have left


I appreciate your perseverance.


without it i wouldn’t have become confirmed town by hjasik’s bait :^)


I wonder if anyone even saw my soft with the code language I wrote down here. :eyes: