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SFoL 43 - Infected Chat



eh i guess i don’t really care


i think that would be up to you guys


/vote solic for king


Maybe you need to bold it for it count.


I can at least guard one of you against a crusader killing either of you delaying them for a bit, so that’s decent.


I’m pretty sure that of everyone alive. We are best of with a Wazza convert. Infected Chronomancer is strong.


In hindsight it was pretty stupid of me to suggest massclaiming. :smile: At least we know who Prince and Priest are now though.


I’m fine with continuing

But, I’m also soon dead

so I’ll go with the majority infected’s answer


You look a lot less bleak then Max or Timer, don’t give up.


Just a reminder, I’m getting executed tonight soo uhhhh


No Prince can’t execute. Can you vote me for king by the way?


in thread or in classcard


And I can guard whoever is getting “crusadered” by the way. So you might live another day.


if the results are public, might be better for me not to vote


results aren’t public

or at least, they shouldn’t be


They are not public. You can just vote for me in this thread or in classcard. Most people alive trust me. They won’t be surprised if I get elected.


Last signals. If I’m tailoring one of you I’ll say “offensive”, if I’m guarding one of you or myself I’ll say “defensive” in one of my last posts of the day. I’m not going to remember more shit. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll probably prioritize according to what nightplans are made.


If you can somehow get Baz to doubletime your convert again, that’d be freaking sweet by the way. We could use the boost.


You also have an occupation you can use Marl! Remember that we are the only ones coordinating kills/infections, so your can selectively occupy a few. I trust you lead this group well.


If you occupy someone like mercenary, it’ll confirm you more and shade PKR who would still have done an action.