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SFoL 43 - Infected Chat


Oh I also thought it’d show users after it’s done.


Shouldn’t really poll tbh


If the game needs canned, can it. It’ll be better than it ending with salt


We still have a shot at winning though. Nothing too severe has happened. Dat can survive, but he has zero abilities. It just confirms me a little less.


I mean its not as bad of a moderror as you killing firekitten even when his killer was occ’d but still


Yes we do but we’re at a huge disadvantage due to mod error.


I’d argue it’s worse




I’d want to continue the game to be honest.



Feel free to cut deep and really be hurtful. Normally you’d swear like 15 times already at me.


It was a disadvantage for us, but the only thing that happened was a modconfirmed town that now has no abilities.

He’s not going to become king as it’s too late to switch votes and no one has thought about that yet. :wink:


If he becomes King, I would agree to a can to be honest.


And he’s also still able to be converted.


okay, pls don’t bane me then marl


You have consent after all.


Of course a Hunter, Mayor and Priest would spawn. :smiley:


As long as we make it to Marl’s second conversion we have a great shot left.


Do you guys wanna keep playing?


I would want to. I can’t speak for the others. Mostly depends on Marl probably.






Do you want to continue playing?