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SFoL 43 - Infected Chat


went for the yolo alch claim


You went for the confirm Firekitten and doom yourself in an instant play…


Please type your logs here first Max.


Marcus actually moderrored and infected datbird from you solic


Sadface. ouch.


D1: Brew Truth
N1: Check Marg | NS
D2: Brew Tar
N2: Tar Firekitten

idk does this work


This dooms Celeste to be honest. Firekitten claimed Maid and a check on me, so it won’t work.


You’ll be fighting a redcheck from Mercenary and Firekitten who knows you’re lying.


What about tar me n1?


That might be a good one yes.


sure, but i kinda claimed i checked cele d2 i think


what should i do for n2


Say that Geyde is NS or something. You’re kind of doomed regardless. This might shade him. I haven’t ISO’ed you though, so I can’t check if it’s consistent with what you’ve been saying.


Don’t can it. What? Luxy noooo! :confused:


ATE Max, You’d never give a real answer to me here if you’re town.


Oh shit I meant Astand here anyways. Aahh that’s my bad.


Feel free to let loose lol. :smile:


Make it real. Noone expects emotional SvS.


A poll like that can also show alignments depending on how the game is going by the way. :confused: It should stay closed if that’s an option.


Anonymous poll