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SFoL 43 - Infected Chat


Heres the problem with that

Im a known Observer claim as MM

And a damn good one at that


It’s not the worst if you are a plaguebearer suspect since it hides Marl, which is main priority. New Plaguebearer needs to be someone that is now “confirmed” and literally not you, Timer, or Maxi is that in any way at the present moment.

As long as you take bullets until Marl converts someone else, we are good, especially if Baz gives him another lul doubleconvert.


Timer and Maxi both need to die before me


If PB passes to them we are fucked


Yea, your log is quite awful in this situation Celeste. Sorry. :confused:


We still need to kill Datbird today, to “prove” me more, and get another kingdom member out.


It’s not true, but that’s a really good angle Marge. Might be enough to get you off.


Firekitten has gone crazy from Geyde to Datbird to now you Marge, it might not be TOO tough to flip it on him after Datbird flips town. Keep faith.


/vote Solifc for king


You’ll probably need to occupy someone this night, you can only brew after king elections are over however.


Make sure to brew an occ pot


So fuck, Astand is a Priest. That can be busted against us. Any way we can stop that?


should i claim pathologist or alchemist btw

alch will be susp when theres a bunch of infection


/brew tar potion


You can only do it after king elections.


There are already 3 Pathologist claims, read the thread before you reply. Mercenary claims Pathologist and has a redcheck on you.


Wow… Thanks for MODCONFIRMING Firekitten now Luxy.


I haven’t slept in 12 hours

And firekitten screaming at me



I’m sorry for that, but you must understand the salt.


Max is right on time with claiming Alchemist to show that he infected Firekitten. This timing aaahhhhh why.