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SFoL 43 - Infected Chat


Marluxion is The Plaguebearer.
TheTimerPlays is Patient Zero.
MaximusPrime is The Infected Alchemist.
Solic is The Infected Noble.
Margaret is The Infected Observer.

SFoL 43 Infection II - (19/24) - Day 3 - Canned

Yo guys what kind of potion should i brew


should probs start with the heal pot to get a confirm in


Bro you kind of outed yourself as scum already by saying that you don’t have the class list open


…you’re probably getting checked tonight


sarcasm will save me


Honestly armourer is a good scum claim as it makes town not choose to use their night ability maybe


im sticking with not claiming today cause suddenly claiming will be even more susp


True, i was just saying that it could work in the future


also if someone is gonna check and find me as killer so that won’t work


That’s onky for the princess type classes but yeah probably


sarcasm succeeded, king gave up


Only cause you’re liable to be jailed tonight


that’s fine, considering only he will know my fake claim over everyone and their mum


alright lads what do you want done tonight


/convert Firekitten


Firekitten wifomed prince

Btw i have a truth pot


I don’t think he’s Prince or i would be in jail


you or squid


all in favor of me killing geyde say i