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SFOL 42: Fourth time in the Triple Threat (Canned due to lack of interest. Farewell)


stonewall is just unfitting for alch which is my only issue.


also i feel as though the generic frame is more boring but still.

I see it being more useful to the alch and the scum.

so I’m going to definitely use that.


Alchemist changelogs.

Is actually told that Alch can selftarget with Crimson Potion.

Improves survivability within the class if the class knows exactly that you can self target other than the “If you heal a player that is not you.” description softing that you can.

Extract Essence’s 1 day cooldown is now removed.

Primarily due to complaints but also because alch is unable to stall a game for that long.

Misty Potion replaced with.

Tainted Potion - Frame target player to all Investigations tonight. - 1 use

Is more beneficial to the scumteams and the alch’s survival than Misty Potion ever was. Also added in due to being less demanding on the host.

while a day abil could be added which tells if a target has ever been attacked in the game. I dont want it being a pseudo invest.


read poll below kthxbye


the occupy is also unfitting for the wincon when I think about it.

it’s just a tool for the alchemist to attempt to stop kills from itself.

  • replace it with stonewall that only allows kills. (thx solic)
  • replace it with the “Find out if target player has been attacked in this game”
  • keep it.
  • delet and lower wincon to 3 potions upon doing so.
  • delet the entire class

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@Moleland sorry for clogging up your gamethread.




merc you need to revote.

I changed the poll slightly


day 5*, but that is kind of what it is. Either make him have to guess night deaths, or just make it a plain survivor goal, because that is essentially what it is anyways. Weird hybrid win conditions don’t do it any favours and just make it needlessly complicated as the various abilities you want to give it exemplify.

I did mention the first point. Feedback isn’t given here (I think?), so that point is false.

Why? :thinking:

You clearly want a JOAT, some semblance of a survivor goal and (guessing night deaths?) so build from there I suppose. :slight_smile:


I changed my mind via stonewall.

your crimson potion point was valid af


plain survivor goal was the issue of the alch in the first place.

and guessing night deaths alone is just playing another game


@Moleland remember to rig rolls to make Maximus roll alchemist


also I dont think this will start.

I mean it was placed so closely to the third one.


Who knows if triple threat will survive let alone adiart.

/join for old times sake

@firekitten join this. These used to be mad fun