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SFOL 42: Fourth time in the Triple Threat (Canned due to lack of interest. Farewell)


only 8 people in this game?


It’s out of 26

I misinterpreted what you said, carry on.


i’m just going to say it now

this alchemist is pure trash

it’s not even that fun to play imo

also misty potion is only good for scum so


I mean. not my fault that you don’t like it.

sorry I can’t cater an entire class to one person.


I mean. I could scrap it all for generic survivor goal and then it’d be considered fun by you.


that’s the point of the ability.

the point is to.

a. benefit scum so alch isn’t an entirely townsided class which scum should kill
b. delay the game to get more potions in


The other 2 abilities are generally townsided.


I mean.

Crimson potion is only good for town.

unless knight CS/hunter bleed but still.

knight will know them as scum that was healed/night immune as they didn’t suicide.


@MaximusPrime how about you make your own alch rework.

and I nitpick everything about it


alch is neutral for a reason Maxi.


and sorry I can’t make alch a pseudo-NK.

it’s just doesn’t fit the general feel of the alch.


My goal of the rework was to remove the survivor goal but still make it fit the theme of the Alchemist.

the killing one of each faction goal was not accurate.


oh well…

let’s see how my Alch goes in this game and I’ll rework it if it goes awfully.


Make Misty potion affect scum investigative abilities

  • Yes
  • No

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Currently it only benefits scum due to the fact that it is too swingy if these abilities are affected. also because scum need as much info as possible.


ok Max.

put your alch rework here.

and all the shit that you dislike and explain why it’s bad.

also I’m trying to let my alch be an easy fakeclaim too.


This is a survive 4 nights + guess one person that dies that night one time with guesses only on odd days win condition. It’s just a dressed up survival goal with one really odd limitation and then almost no abilities that make it easier to achieve that goal. No abilities make guessing who dies that night easier. Something like a Sellsword stonewall would be needed there. Nothing gives it surviveability except arguably an occupation and a single use vest. The goal and abilities are super disjointed. Misty potion should always be a frame here, so that Alchemist would survive another day as someone else would get lynched.

I hate it too sorry. :confused:


well. remove cooldown on the day abil possibly?


I get what you mean but if I made it all 4 potions out of the gate it’s just becomes survive until day 4.


also occupation gives survivability.

potion allows you to confirm yourself. (also you can selftarget)


but hey Solic.

at least you gave reasoning other than

"alch man bad"

this is how I fucking learn how to make my classes better.