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SFOL 42: Fourth time in the Triple Threat (Canned due to lack of interest. Farewell)








if i roll cult again i’m going to be so mad but i’ll actually try this time


The main question is was I accept as co-host






also changes from 3?




No trials and adjustments to king because of that


Bring back trials :triumph:


Bring back something that just stalls the game and ruins the pacing even more.


@Moleland what alchemist?


Your one lol.


can I still join or is this to late




you can still join




ok then. you should probably post it in OP.

I’ll post it here for reference.


The Alchemist

Neutral Support
Experimentation (Passive) - Upon achieving your win condition, you will leave the castle the next night and create a clone to fake your death
Extract Essence (Day) - If target player dies tonight, you will gain another use of a potion of your choice. - Infinite uses
Experimental Shield (Day) - You will be immune to death and occupation tonight. - 1 use
Concoct Potion (Night) - Choose from a variety of potions to use tonight. - Infinite uses

Crimson Potion - Heal targeted player (this includes yourself), if you successfully heal a player from an attack that is not you. This use of Crimson Potion will not be used up. - 1 use
Tainted Potion - Frame target player to Investigations tonight. - 1 use
Tar Potion - Occupy target player. - 1 use

Your objective is to use 4 potions throughout the game.

Crowns into Cowardly King


this was special but it’s now support due to the abilities generally being support.