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SFOL 40: FE Echoes II [4/16] Day 6: A Fallen Field - Tatarrah Wins (And technically the Rigelians and Deliverance too but it's iffy)


I saw him typing and went to delv chat to say “don’t say anything”


Yeah that subconsciously told me fk was town too


I’m not blaming you but thats another moderror xD


I have 50 mins till my Latin assignment is due.



Ehh, i fucked up this game i know.




I rpay ouyay ancay inishfay


I should have said that in his card/scum chat. Its a def MB right there.


You will endure this loss, and learn from it.


Live and learn :slight_smile:


Should we crown Blizer as the new Moderror?


No, that still belongs to Marl


I honestly made one major mod error this game.


We shall overthrow his throne.


I remember why I didn’t want to join this game originally lol



Who has made the worst moderrors xD

  • Luxy Accidently Putting Nerbin’s Role in Thread in Infection
  • Marluxion killing FK when he occupied his killer in NFoL 2
  • Blizer in this game

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It’s no question


Max posting the whole scum chat?


I wasn’t around for that


I still remember Poke pinging their two scumbuddies at OWFM