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SFOL 40: FE Echoes II [4/16] Day 6: A Fallen Field - Tatarrah Wins (And technically the Rigelians and Deliverance too but it's iffy)


@Insanity you interrogated you fool.

I gave you the right result.


Just trust me on Kitten.

I have Kittendar :slight_smile: other reads not so much.


Also I still have a 100% winrate





You misread your abilities didnt you?


I mean you accused me of being scum xD



I will wreck myself with a broomstick now.


yeah still the best way to win as scum is to confuse them as much as possible, you allowed me to do that by allowing me to fake claim 10 classes and accuse reaper without being scum read


Read the second sentence XD

I thought you and Kitten were gambiting when you made no sense :stuck_out_tongue:

Kitten was scums though


The fake neighbourhood tho.


Told you Kitten doesn’t do that as town.

Tbf I scumread you


I would totally do that as neutral though.


Well I let fk do it since he planned it in the neighbourhood with reaper


Is Neutral town? No no okay :slight_smile:


it’s close


I’m your merc math


anyway I’m gonna slep


Also @Blizer you kinda mod confirmed Fk as town when you shouldn’t have.

He used you to ‘confirm’ himself when you said ‘its too late to do that action’ when he was clive.


Just no…Never allow anyone to do this ever again :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t mean that I wanted him to not respond at all